IP based Radio Communication


ChatUp is a modern replacement for walkie talkies. You can talk to your friends or collegues using your Android based phone. Login is done using your facebook account. You can group your friends to rooms. After joining a room, you can talk to everybody in this room by pressing the Push-To-Talk button.


Will there be a version for IOS or Windows?
As I am developing ChatUp alone, there is currently no time to develop an application for other platforms.
I found a bug or have a feature request.
Please send me an email to chatup@marikar.com. I try to implement the most requested features first and remove any bug as soon as possible.
Will voice be encryted?
SRTP for voice is comming soon.
Why do I need facebook for authentication?
This simplifies the user management. You do not need to create an extra account. You cannot use ChatUp without facebook at the moment.
Will there be any other authentification method in future?
It is planed to offer an enterprise version for closed groups with own user management. For more information please send me an email to chatup@marikar.com
What data is requested from facebook? What is stored?
Only a few data is requested from facebook. The application authenticates via facebook and sends the token to the backend. It also requests and stores the list of your friends who also use ChatUp. For you and the friends the Facebook ID, firstname, lastname, fullname and profile picture are stored. The backend also stores the names and the Facebook ID. It checks your identity and whether your are really a friend of another user, before you can add him/her to a room.
Why can't I add all of my friends to my room?
Only friends who are using ChatUp appear in the friends list.
How can I block someone who adds me to a room without my permission?
As only friends of your facebook account can add you to a room, please tell them to stop. If they continue, why they are still friends?
Do I have to pay for ChatUp?
ChatUp shall stay free of charge, but running the infrastructure cost money. Even earning money is nothing evil. There might be an version of ChatUp one day with advertising or a pro version with some additional functions only for paying customers.
Why do you develop ChatUp?
Because I can. :-)


Please download ChatUp directly from Google play.